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Mar-30-2020 - Behind the Scenes #1
Rolling our some client edits soon, along with minor server adjustments. The client will now feature a Mac and Windows friendly environment for clicking, hopefully all java 9 issues will also be resolved for clicking. In addition we are adding discord presence to our client giving your fellow players a tip on what your up to in game!

In addition to the location approximation, we are going to be adding your activity. If you are mining, the client will detect that and show your mining. If your idle, the client will detect that and show your idle. These updates to protect the integrity of the discord api and mechanics, will be set to update roughly every 1700 milliseconds. So entering 1 town may update quicker than another not because of the region proximity but more so because the timer.

Game Draw Distance

The game draw distance can be enhanced now via ::drawdistance this addition may require re logging your account or continuing onto a new region so the graphics buffer reloads the game scene. The model drawing distance and tile drawing distance is defaulted at 140 tiles surrounding your character or so. Using the tile drawing distance update it will draw around 480 tiles of objects.

Camera Updates

We also added camera rotations using the mouse. For Mac users, you can click the trackpad with 2 fingers and hold control, moving the mouse will now rotate the camera. On windows, you can use the mouse middle wheel and hold control, then move your mouse around.

In Other News:

  • Global yell timers will be changing to the following. (EX: Donators (5 Seconds) 50 Hours Gameplay (5 Seconds) 10 Hours Gameplay (30 Seconds) 5 Hours Gameplay (45 Seconds))

  • The 'skybox' is now togglable using ::skybox if you don't like it. It is automatically turned on when using ::graphics

Kind Regards

The Oldschool 06 Development Team
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