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Apr-06-2020 - Easter 2020
The Easter bunny has arrived 06’ers! You can find him just south of the falador castle wall, he is scattering eggs across the land. Find all 6 eggs and return to the rabbit for your prize!

Hint: Your base coords are 2945,3145; using those base coords. There is a single integer with the radius of 1-350 randomly added to both x and y, for each egg.

In Other News:

  • An experience counter was added to the ::overlays set.

  • The stat overlay was moved up.

  • The stat boost overlay is now on the bottom right corner and shows the stat icon for the stat that is boosted rather than the potion used.

  • Global yell timers have changed to the following. (EX: Donators (5 Seconds) 50 Hours Gameplay (5 Seconds) 10 Hours Gameplay (30 Seconds) 5 Hours Gameplay (45 Seconds))

  • The basement inside draynor manor, will now spawn an oil can so you can complete Ernest the chicken until the doors are fixed.

  • The 'skybox' is now togglable using ::skybox if you don't like it. It is automatically turned on when using ::graphics

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The Oldschool 06 Development Team
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